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The Turkish Medical Tourism Council (THTC) in collaboration with AFRICA CONNECTION TOURS offers Turkey medical destination with high tech medical centers combining comfort, hospital hygiene and quality for safe care by specialists worldwide recognized.

Going to Turkey means choosing quality at the lowest price in all the specialties of medicine.
With its more than 1,600 thermal springs, Turkey is one of the 7 most popular destinations in the world for spa and balneotherapy treatments by specialists in centers that combine the latest generation of technical equipment with international class comfort.
For your transfer with the national airline Turkish Airways, contact the Representative of THTC in Senegal, ACT, and benefit from a subsidy of the Turkish State.

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The Africa Connection Tour (ACT), whose offices are located in the "Plateau" in the heart of the business district and the Senegalese high administration, was created in 1994 by Senegalese executives having accumulated several years of experience at levels of responsibility in the tourist reception.


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